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About Norph

Slow Photography

Magnolia, blomst, mørke farver, stoflighed, print, fotografi

“I can’t help it… I’m constantly drawn to the Imperfect perfection in fauna and landscapes. Slow Photography is my mindfulness”

Tine Hvolby is the creative mind and photographer behind NORPH’s print collection.

Tine Hvolby’s print collection NORPH stems from her fascination with nature. It is the fascination of the flora’s “perfect imperfection”. It shows itself in the pictures by focusing on details in the flowers and in the photographic approach itself, which focuses on the texture imperfection that is always present in her imagery.

valmue print, foto prints på bøjler, blå print, print til salg

New Norph posters…  fresh off the press. 

The Norph collection is a collection of images with a focus on nature, landscapes and flora. The unique thing about the pictures is that there is a focus on the imperfect in the perfect.

The photographic approach of the Norph collection is made with a little depth of field, which allows the texture of the motifs to highlight the story.
The carefully chosen motifs of plants or flowers, become an illustrative and graphic story suitable for unique interior design.

klematis, frøstand af klematis, sort hvid fotografi, nærbillede af klematis

Windy Clematis. The name is a bit silly, mindless, but can you imagine a creature with a large mane sitting slightly bent forward on a moped and the wind making its hair blow backwards? No, okay, but in reality, the motif is a seedling from a clematis. Beautiful, graphic and very simple in its expression.

“Everything is a balance, and I would not like to deal with only one kind of photography. For me, it is about balance in the opposites in my photographic tasks, and in nature, I find inspiration and peace”.

Tang fastgjort på en koral. Almindeligt dansk tang. Grafisk enkelt. Få farver, hvid, brun, grå, lyseblå

Seaweed stuck on a rock. Quite ordinary Danish seaweed, how wonderful is that. Seaweed is like clouds; you can find a whole world of motives and funny creatures if you just look.

Tine Hvolby has been an independent photographer since she graduated from the Danish School of Journalism in 2005.

To see her Commercial Photography site go to: Tine Hvolby Photography